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Masterclass Magic

Scroll down for a bit more about what it is, how it works and what it might do for you, or if you know you're ready to join a dedicated group of five other women on this life changing journey, click below and register your interest.



Are you a busy mother raising your kids alone?

Do you crave a community of peers to talk to, share challenges with and learn from?

What would you give to have unfettered access into the hearts and minds of mothers just like you, and even better, to be a fly on the wall in their homes?

How much would it help to know exactly how other lone mothers rock their work life balance, keep themselves healthy, negotiate life with their child's other parents and caregivers, and stay sane?

Masterclass is all of these things.

Join a dedicated group of six women, who commit to sharing their lives and learn from each other over a whole calendar year.

Materclass mothers call the experience...



You will learn...

How to meet each other without judgement or self-censorship, bringing your best - and worst - self to the table so that each of you are able to see what Motherhood in a lone parent home is truly like. Warts and all!

How to express what is challenging you, frightening you or exciting you, clearly and with purpose.  So that you can break out of isolation, overwhelm and uncertainty once and for all.

How to meet your challenges head on with a team of cheerleaders who totally get what you are dealing with, who are committed to walking side by side with you for the journey.

How to listen to other people with humour, compassion and deep loving acceptance for who they really are.  In this space you will find you are also able to transform your relationships outside of Masterclass.  With your kids, with your family, with your ex - with yourself.

Meeting once a month by video conference, and once a year in person for a celebration of all of your awesomeness, friendship and connection - Masterclass is for you, if you are...

  • Ready to quit surviving and start thriving
  • SO ready for a peer group of awesome parents
  • Totally prepared to bring all of yourself to the journey
  • Committed to working your butt off and finally living the best version of you, because you know you deserve it today.

Masterclass is a big commitment and I match my groups carefully to make sure you get an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime community to share the journey with.


Masterclass is an annual event beginning April 2019. Book a call today to discover if you are ready to join us!


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Masterclass Magic

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